In Class Oren our learning is cross-curricular, incorporating all areas of learning throughout everything we do.  Our learning is practical and engaging and ensures that we learn skills that we can apply to real-world situations. Each child has individualised learning objectives to ensure that learning is tailored to each individual’s needs.

We participate in Attention Autism sessions every morning to learn to focus attention, take turns and complete tasks. Our favourite Attention Autism activities involve creating big, messy explosions!

Many of our IEP targets in Oren centre around developing independence, developing relationships and building social skills. We have time incorporated into our school day to learn to play together and work as a group. Class Oren especially love playing tag, hide and seek and duck, duck goose! Some of our learning takes place in the dinner hall, where we tolerate experiencing new foods and introducing variety into our diets.

To develop communication skills, the children in class Oren use PECS, not only to have needs met, but to comment on the world around them by using “I see” and “I hear.” Some children in Oren are also working on developing their verbal communication and are using full sentences to hold conversations. Our regular community visits allow us the opportunities to use our communication skills in environments outside the school building.

All of the children in Class Oren use symbols on their TEACCH schedules to help them to understand the structure of their day and to be aware of what activities to expect next.

In addition to focused Literacy, Numeracy, and Welsh sessions, we especially enjoy our regular Music sessions where we use our PECS to request songs and comment on the music, we love to ask to play songs quickly and loudly! We explore instruments together, enjoying making different sounds and playing along to familiar songs. We also love going to Forest School every week to participate in fun Numeracy and Literacy activities in the outdoors. We enjoy doing phonics hunts, data collection and storytelling together in the outdoors.

Class Oren participate in regular Health and Wellbeing sessions where we focus on skills like moving in different ways, throwing and catching and balancing. We enjoy participating in yoga sessions to help develop strength and gross motor skills.

Spring term 2021:

This term Class Oren is reading the story “The Magic Porridge Pot.” We will be learning to retell the story using puppets and role play, then innovating to create a new story with new characters. We will be making delicious porridge and experimenting with new flavours and tastes for our toppings. We will also be doing fun science experiments with exploding porridge pots!