Class Enfys has 13 pupils and is based in the Annex building at the school.

All pupils are working on social and communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal skills, social interaction, and social cognition. Techniques we are focusing on include understanding and using appropriate facial expressions, eye contact, body language and peer to peer interactions.

Pupils are continually developing their Independent Living Skills, including writing shopping lists, buying food, cooking, and understanding healthy eating, personal hygiene and financial management.

Pupils in Year 9 and above are currently completing accredited awards under the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). They are focusing on achieving at least two accredited awards each term. The awards are agreed with families and the individuals themselves and range from communication skills, money management, health and wellbeing to Independent Living Skills and much more.

Careers Wales is supporting Class Enfys and has visited the school and met the pupils. The support from Careers Wales includes consultancy meetings and bespoke training and will help individuals to become more effective at successfully managing and planning their career development.

Class Enfys pupils who are 14 years and over have the opportunity to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which we are hoping to begin this in late spring/early summer. The DofE will involve helping in the community/environment, becoming fitter and developing new skills. This will improve their self-esteem and confidence. Pupils will gain essential skills and attributes for life such as resilience, problem-solving, team-working, communication and drive.


Spring Term 2021:

National Curriculum Level learners:

Pupils will develop their communication skills appropriately and apply them across the school and in the local community.

There will be a focus on using kitchen utensils with increasing independence, making breakfast, making hot drinks as well as preparing and cooking lunch.

P-scale learners:

This term pupils will focus on their communication, social and independent living skills. They will be exploring the story of the ‘The magic porridge pot’. There will be role playing and lots of porridge making!