List of policies

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Accessibility Plan

Accreditation Policy

Allowances Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Assessment and Target Setting Policy

Attendance Policy

Blended Learning Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy (HR)

Capability Procedure (HR)

Careers Education Guidance Policy

Charging Policy

Code of Conduct for Employees (HR)

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Policy

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy

Curriculum for Wales Policy July 2022

Disciplinary Procedure (HR)

Display Policy

Educational Visits Policy (NCC)

E Safety Policy

Family Friendly Policy (HR)

Food and Fitness Policy

Freedom of Information

Grievance Policy (HR)

Health and Safety Policy

Intimate Care Guidelines

Leave of Absence Policy (HR)

Management of Attendance Policy (HR)

Marking Pupils Work Policy

Parent Partnership Policy

Pay and Reward Policy (HR)

Performance Management Policy for Teachers (HR)

Photography at School Events policy

Positive Behaviour Management Policy

Positive Touch Policy

Privacy Notice for GDPR

Probationary Period Policy (HR)

Recruitment Selection Policy and Guidance (HR)

Relationship Policy

Safeguarding Policy 2022-23

Schools Admissions Policy 2021-22 (NCC)

School Information Security Policy (NCC)

Relationships & Sexuality Education Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Staff dress code

Strategic Equality Plan 2020-2022

Stress Management Policy (HR)

School Session Times Subject Allocation and Teaching Times Policy

Supporting Learners with Healthcare Needs Policy

Teachers Pay Policy (HR)

Teaching and Learning Policy

Total Communication Environment

Traffic Management Policy

Transition Policy

Use of reasonable Force to Control Pupils Policy

Violence at Work Policy (HR)

Whistleblowing Policy (HR)

Work-Life Balance Policy (HR)