The curriculum at Ysgol Bryn Derw

Teaching & Learning at Ysgol Bryn Derw begins from the acknowledgement that ASD is a lifelong developmental condition and so we focus on a supportive approach, which builds on the strengths of children with ASD (e.g. responding well to routine, structure and predictability).

We have Unconditional Positive Regard for all pupils and design our environment, interactions and learning objectives around overcoming and eliminating the barriers to socially constructive behaviour. Approaches develop pupil skills in Communication, Social Interaction, Flexibility of Thought and Emotional Regulation that will allow all pupils to develop the skills and moral values which will enable them to live in harmony with all members of society.

Long term objectives for each individual pupil are developed in a multi-agency, Person Centred approach to focus around the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales and ensure they acquire – at a level that is individually appropriate – knowledge, skills and a capacity for independent living, relevant to adult life and employment, and the ability to contribute to their local community.

We also work closely with Careers Wales to ensure that all pupils leave to the most suitable next step in their life. Careers Wales have provided information for families in order to help them understand their role and input